Amphetemine Sulphate

Street name: Sulphate, Sulpha, (Billy) Whizz, Speed, Powder

Street form: White/yellow crystalline powder, usually sold in 'wraps'

Street use: Eaten, sniffed, or injected

Drug effect: Strong stimulant

Dependency: Yes (mainly psychological)

Withdrawal: Tolerance to amphetamine sulphate develops rapidly and users can increase dose up 50 – fold. Effects of amphetamine sulphate last for 3 – 4 hours. Withdrawal from this drug is divided into 2 phases – the immediate 'crash' or rebound, which lasts one to three days and is characterised by hunger, extreme fatigue and long periods of disturbed sleep. In the second phase, heavy users become irritable and depressed. The second phase can last for weeks or sometimes months.

Long-term use: Can result in excessive restlessness and insomnia. Weight loss. Amphetamine psychosis. If injected – risk of infection and circulatory problems.

Overdose risk: Death from overdose is possible with large doses but rare. Overdose risk increases if amphetamine is mixed with drugs such as heroin or depressants like barbiturates or alcohol.

Legal status: Amphetamine sulphate is a Class B controlled drug. It is illegal to possess amphetamine sulphate or to supply it to others.

Maximum penalty:

For possession: 5 years and/or unlimited fine

For dealing: 14 years and/or unlimited fine

NOTE: If prepared for injection the increased maximum penalties apply. For possession: 7 years and/or unlimited fine.
Amphetemine Sulphate